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Usually, tamers send their WoMai to play and befriend feral WoMai. As WoMai can easily kill a human in an accident as they don't realize how fragile humans are. For a WoMon getting shot with a lead bullet is like a human getting shot with a paintball.

Once the Feral is friendly with his WoMai he carefully offers treats to get them to overcome their natural mistrust of humans. When the Tamer thinks it's time he and his WoMai leave, and the feral should fellow them, after a few days of traveling together he can try to seduce her and get her to allow him to tame her.

To be tamed a WoMon must, by her own actions, make a human climax (this, so you can just 'beach' a feral and tame her if she's just an onahole you cum in it doesn't work.)

Taming a WoMon doesn't make her loyal to you. It just unlocks her full intelligence. You have to build an intimate relationship with her to get her to obey you.