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Name: Washu
Species: Feline
Sex: Female

Cat ears and tail


Standing at approximately 4'9", Washu is not the tallest person in existence. Her slim frame is topped with a spray of red-pink hair, tied in a crab-like spray by a corded purple headband. Her eyes are deep and round, sparkling green pools filled with intelligence and mischief. She is nigh-constantly smiling, unless Mihoshi is around. She wears a pair of crabshell-red panties, a thong in the back riding into the crack of her soft rear, while the small panel at the front does little to hide red-pink curls of hair around her mound. The cord around her dips down in a along her buttocks to make room fur her tail with is the same pink as her hair. Small, but firm, her breasts cap her chest, snowy-white flesh in turn capped by softly-red nipples.