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A teen lioness like her normal suit but slightly more muscular, with a head full of long hair and small tufts of gold fur on her elbows and the insides of her paws, forearms and calves are white. He helps Twadi put the suit on his slippery body

Initial Stats[edit]

Agl:19(1.306) Con:12(0.722) Dex:20(1.377) Elq: 8(0.180) Emp:16(1.079) Int:15(0.997) Sta:13(0.819) Str:14(0.911) Wil:17(1.158)
Tall:1.75m Mass:59.719kg BMI:19.5
EPV:55.632 BPV:14.116 LPV:5.966
Unarmed COmbat:1