DrAlta:Kelly Otter

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Name: Kelly Otter
Species: Otter
Sex: Female

Water Element sorceress Kimbery's sister(raised by her family) She and her friends would tease DrAlta:Alta by keeping him underwater while they had sex with him. Being otters they didn't realize how much going with out air stressed him. ONe day she uses a spell to refresh the air of another in her lungs on Alta, She kisses him then locks her open mouth to his and head gasps for breath into you, his disparate breathing powerfully inflating and then sucking the air out of her and filling it with carbon dioxide. She finally realized how unpleasant it is for him, After that she trys to get the others to stop it and they do tone it down but don't stop completely. Kelly is quick to use the spell again when they do so he doesn't run out of breath.