DrAlta:Joshua Ingles

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Name:Joshua Ingles, Jason
Species:Striped Skunk
Sex. Or.:Gay
Adopted as a baby Joshua is the eldest son of Barb "Daddy" Ingles and Olivia "Mama" Walton; brother of DrAlta:Beth Ingles,

Mary Ellen Ingles, Erin Ingles, Benjamin Ingles, Jamie "James" Ingles, Elizabeth Ingles. Joshua has a good relationship with all his siblings, but is especially close to his older sister Beth. Though the two siblings have very different personalities and interests, they get along very well. The two became very close when Beth began college and their bond grew even stronger as the years went by. He is the first male sexual partner and patient of DrAlta:Alta, who Jashua met by their sisters being mutual friends and was his first crush. He is a somewhat-introverted but good-natured musician who enjoys composing music for harmonica, guitar, and piano, some of which graced the show. Joshua attends the Kleinberg Conservatory of Music; he later lands a job playing honkytonk piano at local tavern The Vixen's Paw, much to Grandma's and Olivia's chagrin. Later, after an internal struggle which led him to consider becoming a conscientious objector, Jason joins the National Guard. By season nine he joins the Army and meets a Jewish girl, named Toni Hazelton; they marry and have several children, all named after country singers of the time.