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Name: Gwendolyn, Gwen, Cora, Lynn
Species: Chimera
Sex: Female


Species: Chimera(goat)
Sex: Female

Left head. Lynn and her named Cora and themselves Gwen, Lynn, and Doll so they would be Gwendolyn. They were found as an egg. feels guilty about ignoring Cora Student at MA


Name: Cora(Doll)
Species: Chimera(snake)
Sex: Female

Don't like her sisters because they ignore her and treat her like she is their livestock, like she is toy. She is a yiffy fur and wanted to mate vary badly while Gwen & Lynn were saving their virginity for another chimera to be married to. She tried to masturbate, but her sisters just push her away not even noticing she wanted to. She is shy and passive from being ignored. She now holds their arms behind their back and nuzzles their sex. She calls herself Cora but didn't say anything when called Doll now just ask them to call her Cora.


Species: Chimera(lion)

Right head. hates Alta because he raped her. his scent makes her aroused and his spiny penis gives her mind-numbing pleasure. she loves mating with him and hates him more for it.