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Dete had been born in Hatcher's Pass, and had lived there with her mother until the death.

DrAlta:Tobias married her sister DrAlta:Adelaide.

After their deaths she and her mother raised Heidi until she was 4 when her mother died. She paid old Ursed to look after her for the first year after her mother's death then took her to Alm-Uncle for him to look after after she got a job offer in Frankfurt.

After her mother's death she had gone over to the DrAlta:Evergreen Forest and taken service in the DrAlta:Sneer Mansion Hotel and Spa there as chambermaid. During her second year their she accepted a job offer of being the permanent retainer of a family she had served at the hotel.

Her great-grandmother on her mother's side having been sister to DrAlta:Alta's grandmother, They called him 'Uncle', and as through her father they are also related to nearly every family in Hatcher's Pass, he became known all over the place as 'Uncle', and since he went to live on the mountain side he has gone everywhere by the name of 'Alm-Uncle'.