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Name:Charles La'Tigerbeau, "Pa"
Sex:Masculine herm
Age:383 appears 46 
Charles is a farmer in the small agrarian community of Walnut Creek. Shi is Mana's Father.

Charles' personality is perhaps a bit more soft-spoken than most of the men of hir time. When shi did "lay down the law" so to speak, it was usually more of a tough love, though not always the case. An example of this would be when the Galender brothers came to Walnut Creek and attempted to rape Caroline. Furious, Charles went over to the cabin they were staying in and had a brawl with Sam and George Galender.

Shi lost the fight and was later found by Isaiah Edwards laying in the back of his buckboard knocked out. The Galenders reign of terror did come to an end, and they were forced to leave the town.

Charles did not usually succumb to violence though. On a different note, the Ingalls family often took people in to their home when no one else would, like Tod Dortmunder, who Charles "rehabilitated" in a sense after his grandparents couldn't manage him; or when DrAlta:Alta was ostracized from his human community for his precocious sexuality.

Shi also helped Graham Stewart, who was often beat by his alcoholic father, John by letting him stay at hir home with Caroline and the girls while Charles helped John break his addiction.

Based off of Charles Ingles from Little House.