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Name: Arbela
Species: Tiger-Lion hybrid
Sex: Herm

Dr.Altaica daughter Looks like a male lion with tiger stripes A cup breasts. Shi can't bear children but can impregnate with hir penis. Shi takes over as the king of the ride when Dr.Altaica leaves. Shi is vary possessive of the lions of the pride. Shi all ways challenges Dr.Altaica when shi catches him mating one of them. He pins hir down and rapes hir. Shi growls and struggles all threw the mating. The other lions like to watch the two go at it.

Arbela runs off to someplace private after being raped by Dr.Altaica and crys or masturbates hir penis. Shi dreams of have anal sex with him, ramming hirself under his tail. or being mated passionately with love like shi saw him so with the lioness when he was still king. Shi hates Dr.Altaica deeply, for raping hir and not being the king anymore, but at the same time has a secret crush on him.

Shi takes a hyena and pounds hard into their ass pretending they are Dr then/and beats the crape out of them.