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"The waking have one world in common; sleepers have each a private world of his own."-- Heraclitus Fragment 89

Actuality is that which is actual, as opposed to Reality which is that which is realized or perceived. CF. 'Virtual reality' 'reality TV'

TOoHNA holds that there is One Supreme Actuality(some would call it Reality), a single reality we share when we are awake. The Guru(Existence) leads by example and gives to some one that is not hymself(Druj, non existence). Existence and Druj can be thought of as husband and wife. Actuality is the house for Druj to dwell give by Existence to Druj as a wedding present, and Druj gave[sic](a better term would be 'contributed') limitlessness to Existence(actually 'Took away his limits')

Actuality is comprised of Physical Existence(things perceived from outside the mind, understandable thou probability as mereology), Maya(illusions, like Classical Physics, Time, Harry Potter. probability as information theory. Things perceived from within the mind. It reveals the truth not conceal it) and Druj(that which is not perceived yet, Counter Factuals, Quantum Physics). Or to put it another way. You have reasoning about the questions that have concrete basic true or false answers with Boolean logic. You have reasoning about the questions that have circumstantial answers with Bayesian logic. and then you have questions that have no answers with Quantum Logic.

TOoHNA holds that consecutive step of Physical Existence is a copy of the information in the previous step and a partial copy of Druj. So Physical Existence is life form.

Druj is known by Maya. and Maya is known by Physical Existence and though which Physical Existence knowns Druj. Druj becomes Physical Existence, and Physical Existence becomes Maya.