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This is for the game side, for the AntiWikipedia side see:YMO:Concept_mapping_design_doc

Soundtrack notes[edit]

Yeah. It's alot easier to put mind into something than to take mind out(and shove it into a computer). I read alot of academic papers because I enjoy them and it giving and it's not over whelming. Actual communicating with computers isn't that bad it's communicating with the people that designed the computer to learn it's language that's terrible.

I think your right on "Cute" and "Warm" for the Dating Sim part I think the RPG part should have a defend feel from the dating sim part of the game(Something like the Dragon Warrior(NES) game or the Official AD&D soundtrack https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzs8JlFHUyIPl4s61AzNivoH469TiWwr ) "Adventurous" and "Epic"(but not "grandiose epic" You family and fiends are going to tell your tales but your not going to make the history books.)

No. The interaction during the day isn't only if there's a special event. you play each activity you planned like a game of Prom Week.

Game play flow[edit]

Here the flow of control thru the program

1 Tittle/loading screen >2
2 login
3 character/game select >4(first time) >6 (if the char is already setup and we are continuing an existing game)
4 intro >5
5 character customization >6
6 Day planer > 7
7 intro for activity(introduce all the chars that are in this scene and what variant of the activity e.g. PE class could be basketball game) >8 >A(if special event)
A > Special event > 8
8 Select your options for first task (e.g. could be choosing teams for the basket ball game, if your going to play more offensively or defensibly or dirty or just slack off, of maybe you'll try to hang around someone so you'll have more Social moves with them and their circle will cost less, If exploring select you kit)  >A(if special event) > C(else)
B > Special event > C
C Null >9(standard activity) >10(if exploration/combat activity)  
9 play out social moves > 14
10 Exploring > 11 (Find something) > 14 (if times up)
11 Encounter >12
12 Social moves > 13 (if it goes badly)
13  Combat > 10
D > Special event > 14
14 report on how the activity went > 15 (if special event)
15 special event
)Repeat for each activity until the day is done >

UX states[edit]

Here are the different States of the UX

  1. non gameplay states
    1. Configuring the settings
    2. viewing documentation/online help.
      1. reading OOC docs
      2. IC reading,
        1. Reading magic.
          1. Reading to cast a spell.
            1. Reading outload to trigger a scroll to invoke the effect of a spell
            2. following instructions to cast a spell yourself
            • Reading about a <topic>
  2. scheduling the day.
  3. start of activity(steps 8(special event Activity)&9(sex scenes))
  4. Social moves
    1. standard activ.
    2. E&C activ.
  5. Exploring
  6. Combat
    1. everyone's health is ok
    2. a char is in bad health
      1. selected char is in bad health (sound sound urgent)
      2. Selected char is in good health but someone else is in bad health.(should sound foreboding )
  7. report on the result of an activity
    1. Report on Combat and Exploration activity
  8. special event Activity
    1. Morning special Activity
    2. Evening special activity
    3. night special Activity
  9. sex scenes(Should give you a feeling that you're carefully making an important decision that with set the course of the rest of your life but also that your 'in the zone' so will nail it)

<Topic> still vary abstract It's based of on Speed Date Shuffle. The only sure ones are "Romance"( if the topic of a conversation is romance it makes the trying to change the Conversation to "H" less dangerous in you fail and the better your doing on the Romance topic the more likely you are to succeed to change the topic you "H") and "H" which builds up the 5 types of Desires which are the 'Mana'(to use the TMTG terms) for the sex mini game but the character that you are playing the card on pays the cost so. Desire is generated by your 'Creatures' so there's a chicken and egg problem where you can't play any creatures until your partner has played a creature but he can play any because you haven't played any. The different classes you can take while your in the academy will also be topics. I think any skill can be a topic

Social sim[edit]

  1. the set $PrevInteractions is empty
  2. Calculate the desire to do every action to every person, if they both want to interact with each other they do add the char of the pair with highest desire to the set $InitInteractions
  3. if $InitInteractions is not a subset of $PrevInteractions have every one in $InitInteractions interact and go to step 4. If $InitInteractions is a subset of $PrevInteractions the scene ends.
  4. Calculate <X>FD<Y>= Hplus of char X's desires to interact with char Y that isn't already interacting.(their desire to interact with Y)
  5. forech char X that isn't interacting, calculate <X>RDtotal= Hplus of char X's desires to interact with everyone that wants to interact with them.(their desire to interact with someone)
  6. Char A, that isn't already interacting, with the highest <A>RDtotal interacts with a the char B that wants to interact with them, that has the highest <A>FD<B>. if ether is tied choose the one with the <B>FD<A> is highest
  7. if someone wants to interact with someone that isn't interacting go to step 6
  8. go to step 2

Monster taming[edit]

How to calculate how much a treat temps a monster[edit]



x=turns since last time this treat was given

b=how slowly history decreases.

Failed to parse (PNG conversion failed; check for correct installation of latex and dvipng (or dvips + gs + convert)): b^{x}\left(\frac{a}{b}\right)+1

Failed to parse (PNG conversion failed; check for correct installation of latex and dvipng (or dvips + gs + convert)): b^{x}\left(\frac{\left(a\cdot2\right)-1}{b}\right)+1

response curve[edit]

Should start at 1 then slowly increase to max(about at history 5 maybe) then decrease it's lowest(at 10 to 20) or maybe it should have exponetion decay after it's peak.