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The game has lots of promise Siboot's a cult classic. Prom Week won the Intelligent Virtual Agents 2012 GALA demo and video festival, had the honor of being selected for this year’s IndieCadeE3 Showcase and was includes in Wired.com's list of 7 Indie Games that Rocked at E3. In the first 40 days after its release THe Social NPCs Skyrim mod which added just 12 social moves to a hand full of NPCs THe Social NPCs Skyrim mod, which added just 12 social moves to a hand full of NPCs, had been played by more than 6 000 different players and more than 70 000 users had visited the mod’s web page. In Steam it reached a 93% approval rating, out of 194 ratings (181 positive ratings and 13 negative) in and became “Top Mod of the Week” because of its high popularity and rating.

Illusion's Hgames have a highly active modding community despite haven't no support for modding from the developer.

Solipsis 1 just had text chat and tiny circles on a featureless plane, Not to be confused with the French R&D project (ANR-RIAM) leaded by Orange Labs that was a full 3d virtual world with physics, made the front page of Slashdot.

The question is can I deliver on the promise. By myself I doubt I can. but maybe I can get it to the point where others will join in.

Unfortunately it's still a new project and I haven't gotten beyond the Pen and Paper prototype.

I'm unable to drive and don't live in a city with a good public transportation system so am unable to find a job. That's been hard on my depression so I've been having trouble finding the motivation to get out of bed.

The thing that I found to give my life purpose was to work to make an online community to get people to develop empathy and compassion for the 'Other'.

It's really about people from different walks of life coming to gather and telling their story. So It's like trying to create a theme for Second Life or Roblox the two inspirations. Roblox for the ease of creating a world and SL for the Avatars.

The setting of the first world I'm making is based off of a parody of Pokemon called PokeGirls which replaced the pocket monsters with girls that need to be 'Tamed' by a human in order to be fully sapient. Pokegirls is to rape what Pokemon is to cockfighting so when I heard about "The Yes Game: How Sexual Enhancement Can Change the Date Rape Culture" it just clicked.

The basic idea is for the Happy Potter or Isekai story where you are taken from your ordinary life with is like the real world and introduced to the world of PokeWoMon where you have to form intimate relations with the the monsters that where just the day before trying to kill you.

You'll have your basic scheduling system where you plain out The Protagonist's and his pokewomons day and then your go throu their day with each task you assigned to The Protagonist playing out like a scene in Prom Week, You'll only have control of your characters(The Protagonist and his pokewomon). His Pokewomon that weren't in the same location as the protagonist will be under full AI control unless it's a combat/exploration task them it will be like If you have a way to access Flash content you can get it here: https://promweek.soe.ucsc.edu/play/ If not you can see some game play in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zc5QEcWGh1U

I was working on remaking Siboot in python when I shared my coffee with my laptop. Needless to say it didn't like that so now I'm using my mom's computer and I can't access the design docs. I once I get the basic Siboot Social simulation I'm going to start add the Prom Week Social simulation features to it.

Here's a let's play of the original Siboot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ErHi8uElYI

The core game play is going to be around psychosocial simulation and that's going to use the open source pyschsim(by Pynadath not to be confused PsychSim 5 if you decide to google it) which poorly documented and that's not going to change until they are done with their major rewrite...

Combat is turn based but each action has a length of time it takes which determines who will go next like combat in Neo Monsters.

http://toohna.ourproject.org/RPG/index.php?title=Combat is how combat will work

Other open source projects I'm borrowing idea's from is https://fatima-toolkit.eu/ and https://www.ucl.ac.uk/ioe/research-projects/2020/jan/tardis-training-young-adults-regulation-emotions-and-development-social-interaction-skills

It's not even that ambitious it's doing things that have already been done before and open sourced only. almost all of it has been exteamly well received. The only exception is MKULTRA https://aaai.org/ocs/index.php/AIIDE/AIIDE18/paper/download/18123/17221 who's english language interface

I'm not that interested in the metaphysical differences between human smarts and animal intelligence. So non-Sapience for this game will be not advanced communication system and not Theory of Mind with an AI based off of https://github.com/WorldGrower/WorldGrower and Sapience will can the ability to the use communicate advance concepts and have multilevel Theory of mind with AI based off of psychsim.

I think that the way The Yes Game will work is that you tell your char to ask their partner for permission and if she says yes then they automatically do it then you can tell you char to do the action and they will automatically ask for permission