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Soma is a mystical substance that can be drawn from the breast milk of a woman by a Qwaser. The substance can even enhance it's drinkers powers, such as their ability to grow and heal themselves and magic abilities, and even allow them the ability to access the source's spiritual powers them for a set period of time.

Soma is a mixture of breast milk and a woman's life energy/soul drawn from their breasts, as such, when a Qwaser draws Soma from a woman's breast milk they are drinking their soul; an action that can potentially kill the woman if the Qwaser "drains them dry" of Soma. In any case, the act of having their Soma drawn from their body usually leaves the woman drained of energy to varying degrees depending on their health and how much Soma was drawn.

The feeling of being fed upon and drained is very intense and can induce arousal if the woman is not already. The act itself can also push the recipient into such a state of erotic bliss that they no longer seem to care or realize that their life is being drained from them. This arousing effect is significantly lessened if the Qwaser isn't using his mouth to drink directly from her breast but instead milking her into a container.

Soma Quality and Potency[edit]

As the potency of Soma varies depending on how much of it is laced with life energy, the quality of a girl's Soma depends on the girl's physical health, physical development and their mental and emotional state. The higher the quality of Soma, the further boost a Qwaser will receive upon consuming it.

Factors that may positively affect a girl's Soma include:

  • A feeling of love, lust or affection towards the Qwaser (as they will willingly produce more of their life energy into the Soma to be consumed, while if they feel fear or anger, their body will hold life energy back).
  • Physical health of the girl/woman (much like breast milk, smoking and drugs will negatively affect the quality of Soma).
  • Physical development (it is generally considered that a girl with larger breasts will carry more Soma within themselves than a girl with small breasts. As a girl will only be able to give a certain amount of Soma before needing to rest or risk dying, larger breasts/larger Soma volume is considered beneficial).
  • Spiritual state (as Soma is laced with a person's soul, the more pure the soul the more pure and powerful the Soma).