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Their are 4 types of cards. Creatures, Land, Actions, and Enchantment

Creature card have a Damage for each type of Mana/Card. That do that corrasponding Damage to Type of Creature they are Attacking/Defending against.

Actions: are one-shot cards that do something then are added to the Player's Discard_Pile. Can only be played during the Player's turn.

Alterations: Like Enchantments stay on the Field after being played. Are Player_On a Target_Card.

Enchantments: Stay on the field after they are played.

Land: This cards generate GP during when the Player Refreshes.

Suprises: Like Actions are one-shots but can be played in during anyone's Turn in reaction a card being played.

In addion to the AP cost to play a card their is a Mana_Points (MP) cost that is paid by

Cards are of the same types as the types of Mana. Cards have a AP cost that the Playing_Player pays and a GP cost that the player that the card is being played on(the Target_Player). For Creature cards if the Target_Player can't pay the MP cost the it can still be played if the Playing_Player pays it's AP cost and adds the Creatures Damage to his MP pool.

Each player takes a Turn in order that stay the same unless modified by a card.

Player can spend 1 AP to Refresh, He untaps all his cards and Creatures on the field add 1 mana of the corrasponding Mana type for the highest Damages they do(e.g. isa card his 2A 3B 5C 5D then the player would add 1 C type and 1 D type of Manas to his MP pool.) Havens also generate the amount of Mana_Points that they say when you Refresh. A Player can Refresh once per Turn(any one's Turn not just his own.) If a player has no Creatures on the feild Enchantments generate one MP of their type.

You get start the game with 10 Action_Points (AP) and 5 cards and the same amount of Hit_Points (HP) as all the other Players.

At the start of your turn You spend your AP on drawing cards, playing cards, Refreshing, and entering your Creatures into Combat.

Start_Step: you're AP resets(to 10 if not modified) then you do any start of turn effects including removing Summoning_Sickness from your Creatures:

Main_Step: You may do any of the following in any order:

  • Pay 5 AP to draw a card. (You may do this multiple times throughout your Main_Step.)
  • Play a card or activate a skill. (You may do this multiple times throughout your Main_Step.)
  • Attack another Player.(You may only attack an individual player once per Turn)

To Attack announce you are entering Combat with the Target_Player. Players may play Surprises and activate skills now.

Pay 1 AP and Tap them to Attack with a Creature that doesn't have Summoning_Sickness. Players may play Surprises and activate skills now. Players may play Surprises and activate skills now.

Next the Target_Player Pays 1 AP to Defend with a Creature but doesn't Tap them. Players may play Surprises and activate skills now. Creatures with Summoning_Sickness can still enter combat to defend. Players may play Surprises and activate skills now.

When the Target_Player is done selecting their Creatures to defend the players the number of Creatures the Opposing_Player entered into combat of their own Creatures to take damage equal to the sum of the Damage of their type of Opposing_Creatures. Damage to all Creature is simultanious. e.g. You attach with Alex, A type 6A 5B 5C 4D, Bob, B type 6A 2B 3C 4D and a Carol, B Type 6A 3B 6C 1A. and the Target_Player Defends with two B type 3A 4B 4C 3D creautes. You choose Alex and Bob and the Target_Player has to choose all his Creatures. Alex takes 3+3=6 damage and Bob takes 4+4=8 damage. Each of the Target_Player's Creatures take 5+2+3=10 damage.

If the Target_Player doesn't defend with any Creatures he takes Damage Equal to the High Damage of each of the Attacking Creatures. If te Target_Player in the example didn't defend he would take 6+6+6=18 damage

Then a creaturs with 0 HP are Discarded into their Owner's Discard_Pile.

For any creature that in still on the Field do their Attacking, Combat, and Defending effects.(cards should read "Bob does X damage after creature defends" not "Bob does X damage to defending creature")Players may play Surprises and activate skills now.

Leave Combat.

End_Step: Do any end of turn effects.