Amour Tiger

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Amour tigers are bread as sex pets for young succubi. They are able to cum more and more often than normal tigers, putting out with each spurt as much seed as normal male produces in total during a climax and will continue to climax until they have produced at least a cup. Provided with continual stimulation able to produce 0.9-3.8 litters(a quart to 1 gallon). A skilled milker can keep them orgasming and producing until they pass out from exhaustion. For around 30 seconds after climaxing their lengths will become soft but with stimulation will remain mostly erect, after this time they are able to become fully erect but they remain unable to climax again for several minutes.

Amour tiger's develop like Feral siberian tigers until they reach sexual maturity at an average age of 3 to 5 years old, then they go through their teen stage for 7 years before becoming full anthro adults.